Performance Management

“ When feedback is included as part of regular, ongoing performance discussions throughout the year, the employee, the manager and the organization are all better off ”

We follow a comprehensive employee performance evaluation process and thus individual outcomes are measured periodically. By an Appraisal method the employees are able to submit their views as well and contribute towards the business goals of the company.

Listening to Feedback

Our dedicated teams at work, take up the projects they are assigned as their own tasks. They take responsibility for their actions and when clients offer their valuable feedback, they are open-minded to absorb the feedback given, in a constructive perspective and positive frame of mind.

Staff Recognition & Rewards

Rewards and Recognitions are awarded periodically to deserving employees in appreciation of remarkable achievements, at all levels in the hierarchy.
The company extends guidance & support also for all employees who are not the top-performers, through performance development tools, i.e. performance development plan and performance improvement plan.

Promoting Career Growth & Stability

By holding internal & external training programmes we improve the competency of employees to meet the challenges of a changing business scenario. Monthly feedback on the job assigned also provided to the team members. The data provided to them also helps them to obtain the support they need at their job for better performance. It also gets them aligned to the job role needs, expectations of their peers, immediate seniors for them to be a dependable professional.